Invisible Leash. Unlimited Possibilities.

What IS an Ecollar?

An Ecollar is an electronic collar that can provide the dog with a great deal of communication remotely. It works as invisible leash.

Does my dog need an ECollar?

Many people think ECollar is a “last training step” for dogs. This isn’t true. For many dogs, this is the first step. ECollar training is a positive , fun way to have a remote, low level conversation with your dog. Many people that opt for this program want to have off leash adventures with their dogs and ECollar allows them the freedom to do it. It is also very widely used to help with behavior issues as well, only after the dog understands the collar.

ECollar Training 101

Good ECollar training teaches the language of the collar. When our team teaches ECollar, dogs learn all their obedience commands on the first level they feel. This is significant because we pair and pattern this low-level feeling with fun and food first.