30 Minute Phone/Video Consult
$50 / 30 m / pet
This 30 minute Phone/Video Consult will provide you with the opportunity to talk/problem solve with Carla over any issues you may be having with your dog. You can work together to tweak a technique to get a desired behavior or to maybe extinguish a behavior. The stage will be yours to go through whatever you need to further your training goals with your dog.
60 Minutes One on One
$200 / 1 h
This service is for you lucky ducks that are ready to join our brand new Doggieology101 Online Ed. FaceBook subscription group! This service is the first PERK and the initial fee for joining. Check the VIRTUAL SERVICES page for all the details! 

This session will start you out with the basics on how to communicate effectively and provide clarity through direction, guidance and leadership so your starts deferring to you and the training instead of to their impulses for decision-making. We'll address state of mind and get you on the road towards having that calm, relaxed dog that you'll be able to take anywhere!

Behavior Boost101- PRIVATE sessions
$625 / pet
These 8-12 private lessons are for dogs that have more significant behavior issues such as:

Dog-to-Dog Aggression
Human Aggression Resource Guarding and/or Food Aggression Severe Separation Anxiety (Breaking out of crates, etc) Destructive behavior (chewing at door frames, furniture, etc.) Intense Reactivity On-Leash (barking and lunging at other dogs or people, redirecting/biting the leash/handler/other dogs, intensity toward other dogs)

Online Obedience101 -PRIVATE sessions
These are 7 private virtual sessions (ecollar or no ecollar) designed to designed to improve the relationship with your dog and rein in any of those behaviors that need some tackling! 
Online Obedience101-GROUP sessions

These 7 group sessions will have up to 3 participants in class. Those that wanted the group class on REACTIVITY, sign up for this one. Please see the description on the VIRTUAL SESSIONS page for complete details. If your dog has serious reactivity issues, the Behavior Boost Sessions may be a better fit. Contact Carla if you're not sure.

Puppy Prep ONLINE
For puppies of ages 8-12 weeks This program starts with a 45 minute zoom call to get to know your pup, discuss clicker training, followed by 5/6 virtual sessions where we will utilize clicker training to cover:

Leadership work

Potty training

Nip the nipping

Threshold training

Crate work

Fixed space

commands (sit, down)

Beginning duration work