February 1, 2015





This is a picture of our dog. Lying next to my shoe. Not eating it. That’s after only one session with Doggieology101/Carla Moser. I’m looking forward to sitting on the floor again, soon, and I cannot recommend her enough



As if I had to tell you how awesome you are…I accidentally left the gate open and then let the dogs outside. Five minutes later I heard a tap at my door and realized what I had done. Opened the front door, called them and they came running I the door. Checking in just like at the dog park! They would NEVER have done that before! THANK YOU for saving my from a small heart attack


I taught Cali “Place” today while I was getting their dinner ready. Zeus never moved off his place. I had to correct Cali three times but I think she is getting it. So cool! I’m not tripping over her to get her food anymore!


Thank you, Carla at Doggieology101! After just an afternoon with you, our lovable but headstrong Sapphire made HUGE strides! We left a plate of food on a low table & she never even approached it, kept right on going past a running bunny on our walk without dragging us into pursuit and just generally enjoyed being a calmer dog!
Can’t thank you enough; totally worth it & So doable!


I love my Barley boy and was so frustrated with behavioral glitches and constant miscommunication between me and Barley. I knew most of it was on me and that needed to change. With Barley being the first dog I have ever personally owned I knew I was missing a lot. I had taken him through a lot of training, he even had his CGC but you couldn’t tell it from his behavior. Little did I know I was the one that kept triggering his impulsive behavior responses and sending a lot of miscommunications. Within the time Carla was with us there was a the BEST aha moment for me ever and Barley would walk calmly, not bark at another pup, or drag me all over the neighborhood! She really filled in the gaps that I was missing and Barley could tell, he was more secure, and we finally clicked! He had all the training, I just needed some additional training – I can honestly say that I am now a better guardian and owner for Barley and that makes all the difference in the world to me. I can’t thank Doggieology101, LLC. /Carla Moser enough for everything! I recommend her paws down!!!! Her training and techniques are exactly what human and puppy need to be happy and healthy in their relationships!


Wauconda, IL

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Carla. Working with her was not only a transformative experience for our dogs, but to my life as a whole. I have grown in confidence, doing things I feared or imagined would be WAY more challenging than they actually were!

There were so many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up our dogs (of course I never did!). I am thankful that you came into our family 😊 I feel the dogs have been given an opportunity to show their true potential and it has been amazing how quickly that has happened. I am starting to see how wonderful and loyal of a dog Addie is…and I thought she was the tough one! She walks side by side on walks and even in the house. She walks slowly down the stairs and constantly looks up to get that reassurance that she is doing the right thing. She is picking up “leave it” quicker than I had ever imagined and knows that she does not belong on the couch. Ryno is getting there too, at his own pace 😊 My stress level has diminished to almost nothing so thank you!

Mundelein, IL

Our dog Sadie, participated in Carla’s stay and train program for 10 days. When I dropped her off on day one and saw how much love and affection she received from Carla, I knew she was in good hands.  I had high expectations for the program but when Carla dropped her off 10 days later I never imagined how well trained and obedient Sadie could become in a short amount of time!  Carla took 2 hours describing all the work she had done and it was as if we now had a different dog.  Sadie listened and was very well-mannered. Carla taught her to sit, stay, lay down, leave an object, go to her bed, and walk following me the “pack leader.”  I strongly recommend Carla and her program for anyone with a dog.  She not only teaches the dog how to be a good dog but also by going through the program I have learned how to be a good dog owner and the leader of the family pack.
Wauconda, IL

Carla really is a “Dog Whisperer”.  In only one visit she was able to give myself and my family the tools necessary to make us their pack leaders. She was very patient with us and my dogs and answered all my questions I had. She spent extra time with us to make sure we were comfortable with everything she had taught. I recommend Carla to anyone that thinks they have a “lost cause” like I did. She really is a life saver!
Mundelein, IL

One session with Carla made a bigger difference than the eight week obedience class we took our rescue dog, Lexi, to. Carla’s hands on at home training taught us how to take charge of Lexi in her own environment. Now, we can take enjoyable walks down the street, without her walking us! Our family looks forward to having another session to further our progress and assist with our other two dogs! Truly a benefit for all of us!

Karen, John, Jenna & Lexi too!
Mundelein, IL

Carla worked miracles with my dog. My husky (that was a stray) is the best behaved dog I have ever had. When I walk with him I cringe for the poor people I see with dogs that bark, pull and jump. I own the most polite canine one could ever ask for thanks to Carla.

Paula & Zeus
Libertyville, IL