January 4, 2016

Home Visits

Thank you so much for your inquiry

Here’s a bit about what I do/believe:

As your K9 coach, I would come to your home and teach you simple effective techniques that will help you create a strong healthy relationship with your dog. Dogs function best when given direction, guidance and structure that define the boundaries and limitations of their environment. My expertise lies in teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog and show you how to get your furry friend to defer to you and the training for decision-making instead of to their impulses which tend to get them into trouble.

People often unknowingly give their dog mixed or confusing signals about acceptable states of mind and behavior.  This confusion often creates anxiety, stress or attitude issues in the dog. These unbalanced states of mind can lead to unwanted pushy, challenging or destructive behavior, along with nervous and/or fearful behaviors. They respond best to a strong leader who creates the rules, boundaries and structure and who commands the calm state of mind. If they are left to navigate “gray” situations or figure life out on their own, the unwanted behaviors often escalate.

The first (and often only) visit is ~3 hours in length and the rate is $75/hour plus mileage, parking, and tolls from Antioch.  

Many people feel comfortable on their own after the first visit and others like to have me back for a refresher after they’ve had some time to practice or to continue in other areas of training.

 If you’re interested, please let me know where you’re located because I can often piggyback a visit depending on location. You can also go onto my doggieology101 facebook page to ​​see some pics and get a feel for how I work and what I do.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to schedule a time for us to get together!

​c 🙂