January 4, 2016

One-on-One Training -Home Visits





Perfect for dogs that are over-excited, need some manners, leash reactivity, jumping; that sort of silliness!!

As your K9 coach, I would come to your home and teach you simple effective techniques that will help you create a strong healthy relationship with your dog. Dogs function best when given direction, guidance and structure that define the boundaries and limitations of their environment. My expertise lies in teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog and show you how to get your furry friend to defer to you and the training for decision-making instead of to their impulses which tend to get them into trouble.

People often unknowingly give their dog mixed or confusing signals about acceptable states of mind and behavior.  This confusion often creates anxiety, stress or attitude issues in the dog. These unbalanced states of mind can lead to unwanted pushy, challenging or destructive behavior, along with nervous and/or fearful behaviors. They respond best to a strong leader who creates the rules, boundaries and structure and who commands the calm state of mind. If they are left to navigate “gray” situations or figure life out on their own, the unwanted behaviors often escalate. 

The first (and often only) visit is ~3 hours in length and the rate is $75/hour plus mileage, parking, and tolls from Antioch.  

This is my most popular service! It’s amazing what we can accomplish together using strong energy, body language and cues that your dog understands!




 Carla Moser at Doggieology101 is the best. Very highly recommended!! By MaryBeth Stark

 Carla Moser has been an amazing resource for our family. We have two rescues and were struggling with our first when we called Carla. The time she spent with our kids helping them understand consistency with our dogs was a life saver. By Dayna Criona Fladhammer


Doggieology101/Carla Moser Trained both our rescue huskies. She was not expensive compared to a class and the best part she teaches you how to take control IE she only comes once! but leaves you the tools to continue the training. She was FABULOUS By Paula TeamAmber Fortini

 Yes!! Carla Moser is AMAZING! She came to our house for an intervention with our German Shepherds and taught me a ton. The dogs are much better and the issues we are having I know what I need to do to fix. Carla herself is super down to earth, non-judgmental and will get in the trenches with you to figure out your dog/family issues! By Brenna Kouzoukas