January 4, 2016

Camp Carla Stay-n-Train

Doggieology101 Stay-n-Train

Our stay-n-train program runs for a minimum of 6 nights. Two or three weeks are even better depending on the nature of the dog’s behavior issues (any human or dog to dog aggression is a minimum of three weeks). While your dog is with me, he/she becomes one of the family. He/She will receive daily leadership and obedience training. We will work on strengthening basic commands, social skills with other dogs and a great deal of leadership/foundation work which includes mastering the walk, threshold work, crate and duration commands such as stay or place. If you have other issues/commands you’d like us to concentrate on, we can work on those as well. Your dog will go on field trips to uptown Antioch and/or surrounding areas where we’ll practice good dog manners while walking and greeting strangers. He will also have playtime with other dogs and at least one daily 45-60 minute pack walk through the woods on our 10-acre property. He/She will ride with me in the car to various locations and practice obedience and good leash manners wherever we go! After a busy day, he/she will sleep along with the other eight dogs in our pack!

If you choose my stay-n-train, I will need proof of vaccinations including Bordatella, Leptospirosis and the Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 and H2N2 vaccine (2 doses 2-4 weeks apart). Please make sure that your dog has flea/tick protection and is protected by some kind of Heartworm preventative as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your inquiry!

Carla J. Moser

Senior Doggieologist ☺

Stay-n-Train Rates
Duration Cost
1 week (7 days) $980.00
2 weeks 14 days) $1640.00
3 weeks (21 days)) $2000.00
Each additional days beyond scheduled week requested by owner. $140/day
*IMPORTANT: Your reservation is confirmed when your deposit of ½ the full amount is received. The invoice will be sent to your email address. Price includes 30 minutes at intake and a ~2 hour session at pick up to review training and practice with dog owner. If you want your dog(s) to receive a bath/brush on the last day of the stay-n-train, please ask Carla for pricing. Size of dog, amount of fur/hair will determine grooming costs.

Additional information:

Extra Days?

At the time of reservation, whichever length of stay is booked is what you will be scheduled for. For every day prior to or beyond the scheduled pick up date, a daily rate of $140.00 will be charged.

Pick Up and Drop Off?

I would be happy to pick up your dog for his/her stay with us and drop him/her off on the last day. The cost for this service is the mileage (and tolls) cost to and from your home.

Holidays and Peak Times:

There is a $40/day up charge for dogs staying with us over a holiday.

Holidays include: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day and Easter.  Prices for stays with us from March 1-April 15 will be 10% higher and balances need to be paid upon reservation.  

Updated: 8/19/17