May 10, 2018

Conquer the Walk



Conquer the Walk

Summer Workshop

Tired of your dog pulling your arm out of its socket and hearing comments like, “Who’s walking who?”

Walking is one of the most instinctual activities that your dog does but can be among the most frustrating that owners face. Leash reactivity, obnoxious pulling from side to side, nose to the ground, peeing on everything in sight, barking at dogs or people…these are just a few of the things that often keep owners from taking their dog on walks. Dogs need daily exercise to be fulfilled and balanced but walking the dog often becomes an owner’s nightmare instead of a positive experience.

It’s time to conquer the walk once and for all. Learn the skills necessary to be able to walk your dog

and provide that all-important daily migratory style walk needed for balance in your dog and harmony in your household!

We’ll work on energy, body language, use of tools, techniques, and strategies. Plus, we’ll dip into how pack structure and dog psychology can impact the walk.

The workshop will consist of a combination of instruction and field trips to local dog-friendly areas.

Mondays (June 4, 11, 18, 25) from 5:30-7:00

Where: Doggieology101 Hindquarters

23085 West Grass Lake Road, Antioch, IL

Cost: $150

Once the workshop is over, we’ll set up Conquer the Walk 2 and times to meet in different places across Lake County to continue to practice the walk!  

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