February 1, 2015

About Us

Here at Doggieology101,  We strive to honor the dog as an animal and as a species. Dogs are pack animals and require a lot of direction and structure, rules and boundaries, but they can’t set it up on their own-that’s where come in! We become the leader that they crave by setting up the rules and structure of the pack. We command the calm and relaxed state of mind and make them work for food, toys and attention. They don’t get privileges just because they’re cute! They get privileges when they earn them and give us their best work. We use our balanced pack to reset the dog, show the dog where their place is in the pack and set high expectations of impulse control and behavior. When non-negotiable rules, boundaries and consequences are established, your dog understands what’s expected of her, what results is a dog that lives in a calmer, more relaxed state of mind. This is now a dog that respects you and your home; a dog that looks to you for direction and guidance instead of trying to figure life out on their own. When a dog receives unearned privileges (free roaming, sleeping on beds, jumping on couches without permission) and too much unearned attention, it can  often create an anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out, excited state of mind and can result in an erroneous perception of privilege and entitlement. This excited/aroused state is where all the bratty and naughty stuff happens!

During our stay-n-train, we approach the issues very comprehensively. We strip dogs down to the basics of being a dog and take all decision-making off of their plate. Part of the stripping down process is learning that she doesn’t necessarily get the same privileges that she gets at home. A dog that’s receiving a minimal amount of direction (structure, rules, boundaries) and an excess of affection (free roaming, petting, unstructured walks, doing whatever they want when they want, up on furniture without permission, etc)  often results in behavior issues. When dogs lack structure, limitations, boundaries AND receive unearned privileges, they tend to get nervous, insecure and lack confidence. The flip side is a dog that gets challenging, bossy, or engages in bullying type behavior. The dog begins to to react to knee jerk reactions and emotional impulses instead of showing patience and deference to you and the training. These issues then manifest themselves in reactive type of behaviors, excessive barking, pulling on walks, challenging behaviors, etc. Even though some behaviors or privilege may not seem problematic, they tend to contribute to the overall state of mind/leadership issue.