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The leadership techniques I’ll show you will help to establish you as the leader in the dog’s eyes. It’s important to teach your dog to make good decisions and defer to you and your training instead of to their impulses. (which tend to get them into trouble). People often unknowingly give their dog mixed or confusing signals about who runs the pack. If the dog is confused about this in any way, it often creates anxiety, stress or attitude issues in the dog.


At this time, our doggie daycare program runs M-F anytime from 7:00AM to 6:00PM from June 6-August 5 (No daycare from June 28-July 9). Your dog’s day will consist of lots of playtime, leadership work and basic obedience. When the weather is good, there will be a lot of outside play and other dogs to wrestle and nap with. We have two separate fenced in areas and a dog room in case separation is needed for whatever reason.

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Doggieology101 Stay-n-Play is a speciality boarding service we provide for people whose dog(s) have participated in our Stay-n-Train program and are looking to board their dog while they’re out of town, etc. Due to limited space and demand, the length of stay that’s booked is what you will be scheduled for at the time of reservation,. For every day requested beyond the scheduled drop off/pick up date, the daily rate of $90.00 will be charged.

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Our stay-n-train program runs for a minimum of 6 nights. Two or three weeks are even better depending on the nature of the dog’s behavior issues (any human or dog to dog aggression is a minimum of two weeks). While your dog is with me, he/she becomes one of the family. He/She will receive daily leadership and obedience training. We will work on strengthening basic commands, social skills with other dogs and a great deal of leadership/foundation work.

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